Who We Help

family walking togetherOur team specializes in working with youth (ages 0-24) who are struggling with various social, emotional and behavioral issues, and those that are high-risk for out-of-home placement. By focusing on enhancing safety, improving relationships between family members, and creating sustainable community support, we preserve families and keep kids at home.

Each child and each family has a different story, so we start by getting to know them. Then we work as a team to strengthen, educate and empower the entire family to find wellness and achieve lasting success for our youth, families and communities.

In FY16, Excelsior served 523 youth and 396 families
with over 24,000 hours of trauma-informed care
and family-focused services.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle* was referred to Excelsior’s PEAK Project by the Lost Innocence Taskforce of the FBI after being rescued from a large trafficking ring in Aurora. At first, Michelle did not identify as a victim, but as a “girlfriend” of one of the pimps.  As such, she refused help and was continuing on a downward spiral of depression and untreated bipolar disorder. Additionally, Michelle struggled with substance abuse, self-harm with suicidal ideations, and a domestic violent relationship. Michelle had a long history…Read more

Kylie’s Story

Kylie’s story started tragically, similar to many other stories of childhood abuse. She witnessed her mother being abused, then shortly after fell victim to abuse herself. Thankfully Kylie and her mom escaped the abuse and things began looking up for young Kylie. However when Kylie was just 12 years old, tragedy struck again and events started to snowball out of control for Kylie.

Watch her full story here, in CBS4’s feature by Alan Gionet:

You can read more about Kylie’s story in the feature article written by Alan Gionet here.

Hailey’s Story

Youth ArtGrowing up, Hailey* always struggled with mental illness – suffering from depression, anxiety and debilitating panic attacks. Many of these issues were linked to hereditary factors as both of Hailey’s parents suffer from mental illness.

During Hailey’s adolescence, her struggles with mental illness became so severe that she was committed to a mental health center for almost a year, primarily due to suicidal thoughts and actions. After she was…Read more

Snow GirlChristina’s Story

From the very beginning, Christina was dealt an unfair hand in life – she was born into an unstable home riddled with drugs and abuse. For the first few years of Christina’s young life, she was exposed to regular drug use and domestic violence. Soon, she became the target of the abuse. By the age of five, Christina was being physically and sexually abused by her mom’s boyfriend.

Finally, child services stepped in and removed Christina from the home – early enough to keep Christina alive, but too late to avoid…Read more

Liza’s Story

From the outside, Liza* seemed to have a pretty great childhood. But on the inside, Liza fought a secret that she was afraid tell anyone, not even her parents – she had been sexually abused.

As a young teenager, Liza’s trauma and low self-esteem led her to skip school regularly and engage in very unsafe behaviors. She was spiraling out of control and at 15 years old, disaster struck. One night after she had run away from home, Liza was kidnapped, locked…Read more