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Make a difference in the lives of youth and families who need you.

What is the Impact Circle? The Impact Circle brings together community professionals to support programs and activities for the youth and families of Excelsior while providing social and networking opportunities for members.

How does it work?

  • Upon joining you will be assigned to a team that works together to meet the current needs of Excelsior youth and families.
  • A team captain will connect you with other members of your team and send out regular updates about your team’s projects as well as details about the youth and families you’ve helped with recent initiatives.
  • You will be made aware of the short- and long-term needs of Excelsior youth and families including: In-kind items (school supplies, bedding, appliances, etc.), small gifts or gift cards for holidays and/or special occasions, cash donations for identified needs
  • As a team you will work together to meet these needs. For example, your team may host a drive or fundraiser to collect in-kind items or cash donations, work together on a done-in-a-day project, or find corporate or community partners to help us meet larger needs (capital projects and major renovations).


What’s in it for me?

  • Meet new people! You will work closely with the members of your team and have opportunities to socialize regularly with all members of the Impact Circle, including quarterly networking and social events.
  • Become more involved with Excelsior in specific ways that are most meaningful and accessible to you.
  • Help the youth and families of Excelsior while they are going through difficult times.
  • Have fun while “giving back”


What is Excelsior looking for?

  • Enthusiasm, compassion and commitment in helping the youth and families of Excelsior.
  • Help us educate others and increase awareness of Excelsior in the Denver Metro community
    • The commitment of time and money will vary throughout the year and Impact Circle members are not obligated to contribute each time a request is made.


Interested? Contact Nicole Bennett – / 303-693-1550 ext. 303

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