7 Random Acts of Kindness Learned from Excelsior Therapists

Excelsior’s Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support Program

Excelsior’s Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support Program An Interview with Debbie Hart, M.A., L.P.C. (Clinical Supervisor of Early Childhood Program) When Excelsior first began its Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support program back in September 2016, they couldn’t have done it without the expertise of Debbie Hart. An

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Family Preservation – The Goal and Foundation of Excelsior’s Programs

Recently, a young girl was referred to Excelsior that was struggling in many areas of her life – diagnosed with Clinical Depression at just 14 years old, she was failing most of her classes, pursuing unhealthy relationships with older men, abusing drugs and alcohol and self-harming almost daily. Naturally the

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A Year in Review – Excelsior’s 2016 Highlights

2016 was a year of major transformation for Excelsior. Most notably, Excelsior evolved into a Community-Based System of Care that improves access to mental and behavioral healthcare for youth and their families. In addition to program and service delivery changes, this transformation involved a complete brand overhaul including a new

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Mackenzie’s Gift

Excelsior helps one teenager overcome years of struggle to find the hope, inspiration and confidence needed to follow her dreams. Now a bright, smiling young woman, Mackenzie has a clear focus on her future – a talented photographer, she dreams of opening her own studio someday. Mackenzie has found her gift –

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Students of the Wheel – After School Program Teaching So Much More than Bike Mechanics

Excelsior’s After School Program Blends Vocational Skills with Self-Development and Community Service Teaching youth vocational skills can prepare them to navigate the “real world” successfully. Encouraging positive self-expression and developing their self-confidence can help them realize their dreams and achieve great success. Inspiring empathy through giving back teaches our kids to contribute

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Excelsior Continues Child Abuse Prevention Work of Longstanding Family Advocacy Program

43-year-old Excelsior Continues Legacy of 42-year-old FACES We are honored and excited to announce that Excelsior will continue the legacy of a longstanding family advocacy program, FACES (Family, Advocacy, Care, Education, Support), who closed their doors yesterday, August 31, 2016. FACES provided home-based counseling and parenting education services to vulnerable children

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