Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support Program

Excelsior’s Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support program (ECMHP) is about laying a foundation for families that is healthy, positive and sustainable. Working with children ages 0-6 means starting at the very beginning and giving children the best start to life possible. Instead of focusing on repairing what’s broken (as is the case with many treatment options), we’re getting in on the ground floor to strengthen the parent-child bond from the very beginning. This is the first step to raising healthy, well-adjusted kids and building strong families.

An abundant amount of research demonstrates that children who are raised within safe, nurturing relationships do better in life, both physically and mentally. Specifically, they have fewer behavior problems, higher educational achievement, more productive employment and they are less involved in the criminal justice system. With ECMHP, we start early to cultivate positive, nurturing relationships between parents and children so we give them every chance of success.

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Early Childhood Mental Health &
Parenting Support Program

The Vision

The mission of Excelsior’s Early Childhood Mental Health and Parenting Support Program is to support and strengthen families and to prevent child abuse, neglect and family violence. Excelsior’s team of highly trained licensed and Master’s level therapists provide a unique blend of mental health counseling and parenting support/education to parents and children between the ages of 0-6, in their homes and communities.

We serve parents, families and children (0-6) with needs related to:

*Parental Mental/Emotional issues; Trauma histories; Abandonment; Grief and Loss; Depression; Anxiety; Bipolar; PTSD
*Domestic Violence; Family Conflict; Relationship Issues
*Child Emotional/Behavioral issues; Childhood trauma/exposure to Domestic Violence;  Sibling issues; Daycare/Preschool issues
*Bonding and Attachment
*New Parents, Single Parents; Blended Families; Parents-to-be
*Multiple Stressors – moves, homelessness, drug/alcohol issues
*Parenting Issues; Developmental Expectations; Positive Discipline

We provide 1-2 weekly one-hour visits of the following services:

*Individual, Family, Child-Centered Therapy and
*Parenting Support, Education and Skill Building
*Case Management (limited as needed)

We are trained in:

*Evidenced-Based Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP – ages 0-6)
*Evidenced-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
*Functional Family Therapy (FFT)
*Trauma Responsive Treatment
*Solution Focused Therapy
*Play Therapy
*Motivational Interviewing

For more information or to make a referral, please contact: Excelsior Admissions
Tel: 303-693-1550 ext. 247
Fax: 720-465-6860
Email: admissions@excelsiorcares.org

Download a copy of our ECMHP Brochure