A Year in Review – Excelsior’s 2016 Highlights

2016 was a year of major transformation for Excelsior. Most notably, Excelsior evolved into a Community-Based System of Care that improves access to mental and behavioral healthcare for youth and their families. In addition to program and service delivery changes, this transformation involved a complete brand overhaul including a new

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Mackenzie’s Gift

Excelsior helps one teenager overcome years of struggle to find the hope, inspiration and confidence needed to follow her dreams. Now a bright, smiling young woman, Mackenzie has a clear focus on her future – a talented photographer, she dreams of opening her own studio someday. Mackenzie has found her gift –

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Excelsior Continues Child Abuse Prevention Work of Longstanding Family Advocacy Program

43-year-old Excelsior Continues Legacy of 42-year-old FACES We are honored and excited to announce that Excelsior will continue the legacy of a longstanding family advocacy program, FACES (Family, Advocacy, Care, Education, Support), who closed their doors yesterday, August 31, 2016. FACES provided home-based counseling and parenting education services to vulnerable children

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The Lion Project & Excelsior: Elevating Communities Together

Excelsior was beyond thrilled and so grateful to be selected as The Lion Project‘s second quarter nonprofit. In a nutshell, the Lion Project helps nonprofits share life-changing stories through educational films that bring their missions to life. Additionally they work with the nonprofit to complete a done-in-a-day project made possible by business

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Excelsior Welcomes At-Risk Boys into All Treatment Programs

Providing Quality Treatment for the Entire Family For over 42 years, Excelsior provided treatment exclusively to at-risk girls helping them overcome challenges and find lasting success. Our success in this has led us to expand our program offerings. Now in our 43rd year, we are thrilled to announce that Excelsior

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