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Excelsior’s Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support Program

Excelsior’s Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support Program An Interview with Debbie Hart, M.A., L.P.C. (Clinical Supervisor of Early Childhood Program) When Excelsior first began its Early Childhood Mental Health & Parenting Support program back in September 2016, they couldn’t have done it without the expertise of Debbie Hart. An

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Experiential Therapy at Excelsior – Rock Climbing

“Comfort Zone” True Accounts from Excelsior’s Summer Outdoor Rock Climbing Program – with Women’s Wilderness By Diana Gonzalez – Therapeutic Coordinator, Excelsior PEAK Project _________________________________________________________________________ “I can’t do this.” One of our participants said, face flushed red from the arduous hike up the mountainside to our rock climbing site. “Yes, you

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Excelsior, the DCPA & Jessica Austgen – Improving Self-Expression One Improv Skit at a Time

Once a week, Excelsior girls are given the opportunity to less loose and express themselves in an “Actor’s Workshop” hosted by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA). Jessica Austgen, a teaching artist with the DCPA, leads weekly improv classes at Excelsior to increase self-esteem and improve self-expression. These

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Art Therapy at Excelsior

Excelsior’s young artists will be exhibiting their finest creations at our upcoming Art Show – “Art is Life”. Please join us on Wednesday, August 19th at Kanon Collective Art Gallery for a cultured cocktail party, complete with wine and cheese pairings, live entertainment and stunning artwork created by Excelsior’s youth.

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Excelsior Launches PEAK Project Aimed at Preventing Exploitation

PEAK Project Preventing Exploitation through Awareness & Knowledge The PEAK Project is a collaborative initiative developed to increase awareness and prevention of youth exploitation in the Colorado community. Through partnerships with iEmpathize, the Office of Economic Development, Transitions for Young Adults Program and Excelsior Community-Based Mental Health Services, the PEAK

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Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Excelsior

Here at Excelsior, honoring cultural diversity and celebrating individual differences is a top priority. Our girls comes from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles and we recognize how important these things are to each individual. In an effort to celebrate the heritage of all our youth and staff,

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