About Excelsior

Who We AreSmiling young woman

We are catalysts for hope. We find in young people the courage to strive for a different and better tomorrow. And we offer them the tools to get there.

It starts with empathy and understanding. An understanding that no two individuals are alike. The challenges and circumstances that bring us to them are uniquely their own — and our care and treatment must be customized to them. We offer them emotional and educational refuge. In turn and in time, they discover within themselves a sense of self and self-worth.

Smiling mom with sonWe care about families. We educate and empower them to be an integral part of their child’s future success. We offer support on the journey to wellness. Through structure, goals and learning, we show them a way forward.

We strengthen and transform communities. Through collaboration, we foster connections. We partner with like-minded professionals looking for innovative solutions to meet the needs of those we serve.  Together, we create positive social change, laying the foundation for a better tomorrow.  Excelsior, elevating communities.

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Over the last 44 years, Excelsior has grown and changed to serve the needs of our youth, stakeholders and communities. Excelsior’s history begins with the Catholic Order of the Good Shepherd Sisters. In 1912, the Sisters operated a home for young girls known as The Home of the Good Shepherd on South Colorado Boulevard. The Sisters and the girls did the laundry for the railroad and for several hotels. In 1968, the Sisters relocated to Aurora and built a new facility, but by 1973 they had closed down their program because they did not have the tools or resources they needed to properly treat the girls. The facility was immediately acquired by community and business leaders to provide a continuum of services for young girls with emotional and behavioral issues.

As the needs of our community change, Excelsior continues to evolve. Today, we remain true to our founding mother’s intent to change lives, but we have expanded our services to reach more youth and families. We are committed to providing family-focused treatment to both girls and boys by offering a wide range of behavioral healthcare services designed to strengthen families and most importantly, keep them together. We do this by offering these services in the home and in the community where challenges naturally arise. This community-based model is proven to foster the most sustainable, long-term success, and helps improve accessibility to care for youth and families in need.

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