Excelsior Continues Child Abuse Prevention Work of Longstanding Family Advocacy Program

43-year-old Excelsior Continues Legacy of 42-year-old FACES

We are honored and excited to announce that Excelsior will continue the legacy of a longstanding family advocacy program, FACES (Family, Advocacy, Care, Education, Support), who closed their doors yesterday, August 31, 2016. FACES provided home-based counseling and parenting education services to vulnerable children (ages 0-17) and their families in the Denver metro area for 42 years!

We will continue this longstanding organization’s legacy by expanding our programming to serve young children with the valuable services they have provided for decades. Not only does this continuation ensure that FACES’ families are not left alone withRitaHardingFACES nowhere to turn,  but it enables Excelsior to apply our expertise to help young children and support families when challenges first arise. Not only does this expand our capacity to change lives, but this early intervention approach is key to building strong youth and families to ultimately elevate communities.

FACES CEO, Rita Harding, said, “As we prepare to close our office and transition our programs to Excelsior, we know that they will continue our commitment to the prevention of child abuse, neglect, and family violence in our community.  With Excelsior’s long history of service to Colorado’s youth and families, we are confident that we leave our legacy in good hands.”

With therapeutic, educational and wraparound programs, Excelsior’s Community-Based System of Care is equipped and committed to continue FACES’ legacy of child abuse prevention work. Excelsior operates with the same family-focused, community-based approach as FACES, including therapeutic, educational, wellness, and preventative approaches designed to preserve the family unit by minimizing out-of-home placement and empowering the family to successfully address challenges at home. The addition of FACES’ programming will expand the age range of Excelsior’s clientele to include young children under the age of seven. Excelsior has hired FACES’ former Program Director, Debbie Hart, to ensure continuity of care and oversee Excelsior’s Early Childhood Development and Family Support Program.

Excelsior’s CEO, Susan Hébert, comments, “We are honored to continue the legacy of an organization which has been so dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect including early childhood intervention. Through this continuation of services, we will provide our Colorado youth and families the resources and opportunities needed to contribute their highest human potential to our communities and our world.”