The Cycle of Success – A True Account of Excelsior’s Community-Based Services

Josie'sbabyAs we complete our transformation to a fully community-based service (CBS) organization, we’d like to share the inspiring impact that CBS can have on individuals, families and beyond. The story below is just one account that demonstrates how changing one young life can then change so many more. Josie’s story takes her full circle: from Excelsior client to staff, and from lacking hope in herself to inspiring hope in others.

This type of ripple effect has infinite potential in our community – the more youth and families we help find hope and success, the more positive impact they’ll have on the people in their lives, and those in their futures.

We know that chances for success are much greater if we reach youth and families earlier and address challenges as they happen, in the environment where they naturally occur – this is what Excelsior and CBS is all about. While there are times where more intensive interventions are necessary, these are temporary solutions until we can address the situation more comprehensively. This requires empowering youth and families with the sustainable skills and resources they need to learn how to successfully navigate the world together.

Josie quoteJosie was a client that did require intensive intervention initially – she began in a short-term residential program to get stabilized, but  Excelsior’s CBS program is what made the most impact. To borrow Josie’s words, “something was different” – after experiencing many different placements and hospitalizations, Excelsior’s CBS was something that finally worked. I’ll let you hear why from her…

Josie is an absolute gem – one of those rare people who is genuine, open and unconditionally accepting with a striking dedication to pay forward the teachings and opportunities that positively changed her life. Perhaps more importantly, however, Josie is someone our kids deeply respect – she gives them a new perspective because she’s been there; she’s lived through what they’re going through. By sharing her own experience, our kids can connect with her on a deeper level and be inspired in a whole new way.

Thank you Josie for sharing your story and being such an inspiration to us all!