The Lion Project & Excelsior: Elevating Communities Together

Lion project logoExcelsior was beyond thrilled and so grateful to be selected as The Lion Project‘s second quarter nonprofit.

In a nutshell, the Lion Project helps nonprofits share life-changing stories through educational films that bring their missions to life. Additionally they work with the nonprofit to complete a done-in-a-day project made possible by business partners who want to support real, sustainable change in our community.

Well, the timing could not have been more perfect for Excelsior to partner with The Lion Project. We started working with The Lion Project shortly after we unveiled our new brand and strategic vision. As such, we wanted and needed to tell our story in a new way which The Lion Project made possible.

Storytelling through Film

The Lion Project worked tirelessly to create this compelling video to help us show the world how Excelsior empowers youth, strengthens families and elevates communities. This video gives us an outlet through which we can share the successes of our youth and families. Sharing these stories, in a way that resonates with people, helps us show the world how our mission truly changes lives. This awareness is a large part of what enables us to continue helping youth and families that need us.

Elevating Communities

The Lion Project: Done-In-A-Day

Next, the Lion Project leveraged the support of their business partners and gathered volunteers to help us complete renovations at our new CBS headquarters.

OddFellows3425_9Feb2015When Excelsior first moved our CBS Headquarters into the historic OddFellows building, we weren’t sure we’d ever have the resources available to renovate it how we wanted. All we knew was that we needed a location that was more accessible and convenient for the many youth and families in Denver who could benefit from our services.

We were thrilled about the opportunity to move into the historic OddFellows building not only for its convenient central location on South Broadway, but also because of the many similar values and mission we share with the International Order of the OddFellows. For more on this, click here.

Still, moving into such an old building comes with its difficulties. We knew that renovations and repairs would be necessary, many of which were non-negotiable. Accordingly, these projects took precedence over other improvements surrounding aesthetics and improved functionality.

The Renovations

Thankfully The Lion Project stepped in to help! Along with financial support and resources from their philanthropic business partners, The Lion Project helped us give the building a facelift and improve functionality for our programs and services. About 20 volunteers braved a classic Colorado snowstorm in mid-April to come out in support of The Lion Project and Excelsior.

Moveable Walls

The first step was to create three moveable walls for the ‘Dance Hall’ – the largest room in the building where recreational, educational and therapeutic groups take place. Carpentry experts volunteered their time to fashion three sturdy walls on wheels that can be used for a variety of purposes. In general, these walls help improve functionality in the large room by enabling us to partition the space into smaller areas so that various groups and activities can take place simultaneously. But The Lion Project didn’t stop there – always exceeding expectations, they mounted dry-erase boards on the moveable walls where students, teachers and therapists can encourage creativity, collaboration and a new way of seeing things.


12993488_10154083719788516_5266263739929400824_nNext came the painting. After a quick break and some clean up, the Dance Hall was bustling again with volunteers taping corners and meticulously painting the moveable walls as well as one of the main walls in the Dance Hall. The result was three beautiful two-color moveable walls, and a eye-catching teal accent wall the complements our new Excelsior logo. Our goal – to make the space welcoming and warm for our youth and families – was undoubtedly achieved.

Elevating Communities

These renovations make our new CBS location a friendly, functional space for all the youth and families involved in our programs, but more importantly help us create a space that is welcoming and beneficial for our entire community. Our goal of moving into this new location was not only to make things more convenient for the youth and families in our programs, but also to create a place where our communities can come together. We want to make this location so much more than our CBS headquarters; we want to create a community center where all youth and families in the Denver Metro area can come to meet for social, educational and recreational activities.

Check out the finished product and get all the details about our done-in-a-day project in this Recap video by The Lion Project:

The Lion Project Recap Video

On behalf of the entire Excelsior family, we want to extend a HUGE THANKS to The Lion Project. We are so grateful for your compassion and dedication to nonprofits in Denver. Thank you for being a part of elevating our community.

About The Lion Project

“We are a Denver-based group of film-makers, bridging the gap between the hundreds of non-profits who are serving others, and the hundreds of business owners who are looking for a way to be a part of a sustainable solution for real change in their community. // We are The Lion Project. // We effectively share life-changing stories through educational films, to inspire young professionals to live for something greater than themselves. // We are a voice for the silent heroes. // We ask that successful businesses and budding creatives partner with us in our effort to be this voice. When we work together, we have the power to positively change the way people see the world in which we live.” – The Lion Project