Excelsior Welcomes At-Risk Boys into All Treatment Programs

Providing Quality Treatment for the Entire FamilyMom and son - diverse

For over 42 years, Excelsior provided treatment exclusively to at-risk girls helping them overcome challenges and find lasting success. Our success in this has led us to expand our program offerings. Now in our 43rd year, we are thrilled to announce that Excelsior is helping boys as well! After much success in serving boys in our Community-Based Services program, we are now officially welcoming boys in all our other programs as well.

Why Diversify to Include Boys?

When Excelsior launched its new brand and strategic vision early this year, many operational changes were put into place including an expansion of community-based, family-focused programming and short-term intensive treatment. These changes were designed in response to stakeholders’ needs and the latest industry knowledge, allowing us to reach youth early, preserve family unity and minimize out-of-home placement – strategies that research shows lead to more sustainable, long-term success for youth.

Family-Focused Programming

The inclusion of boys complements all of our operational changes, but particularly enhances our ability to provide quality family-focused programming. As our overarching goal remains focused on keeping families together, it is important that all family members are involved in the healing process. To state the obvious, many families consist of boys and girls so it was a natural next step for Excelsior to begin accepting boys into our programs as well. Serving boys and their families allows us to further fulfill our mission of strengthening families and stabilizing children in their homes and communities.

Stakeholder Needs

Additionally, Excelsior made this change in response to community stakeholders’ needs. Understanding and experiencing the value our quality treatment programs have brought to the community, our stakeholders have prodded us to open these programs to boys. Knowing that there is a great need in our community for services that support at-risk boys, we are glad to have the capacity to fulfill this need. Doing this allows us to expand our reach so we can empower more youth and strengthen more families, all in an effort to elevate our communities across the state.

Creating a More Male-Friendly Atmosphere

Shenandoah updated for boys 2As you can imagine, 42 years of girls on campus has lent itself to lots of frilly décor, pastel tones and an emphasis on the Arts for coping tools. With the expectation of boys arriving, our dedicated staff have spent many months updating recreational programs, décor and furnishing to be more male-specific. Not only will these boys be receiving quality therapeutic and educational services, but they will be doing so in an environment that’s boy-friendly, fun and inviting, with a number of activities geared toward boys, including foosball, table tennis, basketball and a complete weight room and gym!

The Programs

Beginning this week, boys and girls, will be involved in all of Excelsior’s programming.

Community-Based Services:

CBS helps families in crisis develop the capacity to successfully address challenges at home. By providing resources and strategies aimed at strengthening the entire family – boys, girls and adults – we are able to preserve family unity and provide support before more intensive interventions are needed. Treatment in this program focuses on enhancing safety, improving relationships between family members, and creating sustainable community support.

For more information about Excelsior’s Community-Based Services, click here.

Crisis Intervention & Stabilization Programs:

These short-term programs are designed to minimize out-of-home placement for youth in crisis. Offered both on our Aurora campus and through our CBS offices in Englewood, these programs focus on building upon the strengths and resiliency of the youth and family to help them achieve stabilization quickly so they can return to community as soon as possible. Lengths of involvement in these programs are individualized related to the youth and family’s needs. Once the goal is reached in this program, further services are offered to ease the transition home and ensure continuity of care.

For more information about Excelsior’s Crisis Intervention & Stabilization programs, click here.

Focus Program:

This program represents the most intensive level of care for youth and families at Excelsior. This program is specifically designed for youth struggling with serious psychological and behavioral issues that require intensive treatment in a short-term placement setting. Youth in the Focus Program have a brief placement (no more than 90 days) then return to the community with proper supports and services in place.

The Focus Program believes that children can be treated successfully in a shorter period of time and reunited with their families with the support of community-based mental health programs and wraparound services. Excelsior designed the Focus Program to meet the needs of youth and community safely while simultaneously working with families in their homes.

For more information about Excelsior’s Focus Program, click here.

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