Excelsior’s Community-Based Services Headquarters Moves to Historic Odd Fellows Building in Englewood

OddFellows3425_9Feb2015The former International Order of the Odd Fellows (IOOF) building was a perfect match for Excelsior’s new CBS headquarters. Not only do Excelsior and the IOOF share similar values and a similar mission, but the unique layout of the building provides an incredible opportunity for Excelsior to truly engage and ultimately elevate our community. In addition to utilizing the building for our Community-Based Services offices, Excelsior will be able to provide our neighbors with a Community Center where youth and families can come together to participate in therapeutic and recreational activities.

The International Order of the Odd Fellows (IOOF)

The mission of the IOOF is “to improve and elevate the character of man” which perfectly aligns with Excelsior’s own mission of elevating communities. Excelsior also strives to improve and elevate the character of man, specifically by way of improving the character and lives of our youth, families and communities.

The IOOF dates back to 17th century England, when it was odd to find people coming together with the purpose of giving aid to those in need. Pursuing projects for the benefit of mankind was almost unheard of; hence, those who chose to pursue these higher endeavors in an organized group were called “Odd Fellows”. Today, the Odd Fellows are also known as “The Three Link Fraternity” which represents their three founding principles of Friendship, Love and Truth.

Restoration of the Odd Fellows Building

OddFellows-lookingWNW_late1930sThe original IOOF building on south Broadway was first constructed in the 1920s as the lodge for Colorado’s jurisdiction of the IOOF. Back then, the ground floor was leased to businesses like Englewood Hardware and Buy Less Drugs while the upper floors and basement were used by the IOOF organization.

Considered a historic landmark, the building owners have done an impressive job of renovating and restoring the property while preserving the history and character of the building. Before beginning renovations, Steve Howards, spokesman for the building’s owners said, “We want to do the restoration, do it right and make it an accent for historic downtown Englewood.” Well they did incredible work in achieving this goal and Excelsior is honored that our CBS program will occupy the 2nd floor where we will strive to further preserve the building’s history by engaging in work that complements the original owners’ mission.

Why Move?

Excelsior has been providing CBS throughout the Denver Metro area for years. Recently however, our new strategic vision has prompted us to expand our programs into other areas including all ten counties of the Denver Metro area as well as Logan County. As we regionalize our services, we are focused on fully integrating ourselves into the communities we serve. By doing this, we are putting down roots in those communities so our therapists and staff members can operate regionally allowing them to truly get to know the people, organizations and resources with which our clients and partners interact daily. This deep-rooted approach is integral to achieving lasting success for the youth and families that need us.

Excelsior’s Community-Based Services (CBS)

denver skylineExcelsior is committed to bringing our family-focused, community-based and in-home services to neighborhoods throughout the Denver Metro and surrounding areas. Moving our CBS headquarters to Englewood not only helps us integrate into the Denver Metro counties we serve, but it also improves accessibility of our preventative services. Our goal is to provide preventative treatment solutions to families that need us with the hope of limiting the need for crisis or emergency services.

Providing intensive therapy and treatment services for at-risk youth after a serious event, like incarceration or hospitalization, is certainly necessary and something Excelsior will always have to offer, but the ultimate goal is always to prevent trauma in the first place. This is the foundation for Excelsior’s CBS programs – we strive to intervene early, preserve family unity, and prevent out-of-home placement. Our CBS programs serve the unmet, urgent needs of Denver’s youth and their families by provide an alternative to costly hospitalization, incarceration or out-of-home placement services.

For more information about Excelsior’s CBS programs, please click here.