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Success in Sterling – Excelsior’s New CBS Office

In November 2015, Excelsior opened a new Community-Based Services (CBS) office in Sterling, CO, dedicated to serving the youth and families of Logan County. Now, four months later, we are pleased to report that we are currently providing treatment and services to 16 youth and families in the Logan County area with great success! We are continuing to see a steady increase in demand for our services in this area reinforcing our decision to bring Excelsior to Logan County.

_CLB1324Excelsior is striving to make our family-focused, community-based, and in-home services accessible to youth and families across the Front Range. By establishing a physical presence in Logan County, we have positioned ourselves to better serve this area and build new neighborhood partnerships. Our collaborative partnership with Family Resource Center and Logan County Department of Human Services (DHS) has enabled us to provide resources to Sterling families that otherwise may not receive the help they need.

Why Sterling?

Excelsior decided to root down in Sterling after an influx of youth in crisis from the Logan County area were referred to Excelsior’s Aurora campus. We know that behavioral and mental health services are often limited in rural areas such as Sterling, so we researched what services and programs were available. As we spoke with different organizations in the area, we discovered that gaps between the services were often leading to crisis situations for Logan County families. Excelsior’s wraparound services are ideal in helping bridge these gaps so that collaboratively we can help youth and families in Sterling achieve lasting success.

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Logan County, CO

Another catalyst to opening a CBS office in Sterling was discovering that The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration gives Logan County its most severe rating for substance abuse among adolescents and adults. This dangerous rating further spurred us to focus efforts in Sterling because we know that Excelsior’s extensive expertise in this area could be highly beneficial for the Logan County community.

Our overall concern for youth and families in this area led Excelsior to partner with Logan County DHS and Family Resource Center to provide comprehensive and collaborative services that were previously unavailable or inaccessible to these youth and families. Excelsior’s services complement the goals of Sterling – to provide the best support and opportunities for the families they serve while building a caring and connected community – so developing a partnership is an incredibly beneficial initiative for everyone involved.

Excelsior’s Partnership with Logan County

Excelsior’s partnership with Logan County operates out of shared office space at Family Resource Center in Sterling, Colorado. In conjunction with Logan County DHS and Family Resource Center staff, Excelsior provides individual and family therapy, behavior and life skills coaching, substance abuse counseling, care coordination, and group therapy to the youth and families in this program.

Youth are referred to Excelsior’s CBS office in Logan County primarily by Family Resource Center, as well as through probation services, DHS, and other partnership organizations. We continue to see a steady increase in demand for our services here, and are grateful for Family Resource Center in helping make it possible for us to serve so many youth and families in the area that need support!

Family Resource Center

FRC sterlingAs mentioned above, our partnership with Family Resource Center has made this endeavor possible as it connected us with an established community organization, through which we are able to identify needs and develop a plan to support Sterling’s efforts to improve the lives of its residents.

The mission of Family Resource Center is to encourage the development of healthy children and strong family units by providing support systems, parent education and referral services. Throughout the history of the Resource Center, the organization has taken seriously its responsibility to disseminate resource information in the community and to make links between people with needs and resources which are available. In addition, the Resource Center has become a “go-to” place for other services.

Family Resource Center provides many programs to Sterling families ranging from parenting classes, after-school youth clubs, family support, support for young moms and grandparents, and education surrounding opportunities available to families in need. Additionally, the Family Resource Center also allows community partners to utilize their space for trainings, workshops and community support activities.

The Family Resource Center’s Philosophy

“We believe that healthy families are the foundation for a healthy society. We believe that all children deserve to have healthy families who will support, educate, nurture, protect and encourage them. We believe that an entire community is responsible for lifting up and supporting it members for the betterment of all”.