Get to know Lois Paul, Excelsior Youth Foundation Board Chair

Lois Paul2Lois Paul

Chair – Excelsior Youth Foundation Board

Lois Paul, Chair of our Foundation Board, has been serving on Excelsior’s Board for over five years and continues to be an incredible advocate for the organization as well as the youth and families we serve. Lois first became involved with Excelsior after receiving a marketing piece in the mail. She may have just thrown it away, but something caught her eye – she read that Excelsior helps youth who have experienced trauma or troubled childhoods. This hit close to home because Lois had very recently tried to help someone like this. Her husband and she had invited a close family member to live with them as the young woman worked to recover from a troubled past. Unfortunately, as hard as Lois and her husband tried to help, they were unsuccessful. Lois received the mailing from Excelsior shortly after her experience and thought to herself, “I couldn’t help our family member, but perhaps I can make a difference in someone else’s life”, so she reached out to Excelsior to find out more and learn how she could get involved.

Capitalizing on her strengths and passions, Lois jumped in head first to help Excelsior with fundraising initiatives and special events. She has been particularly successful in helping us grow our Triumphant Faces Gala to be more exciting, engaging and successful every year. In 2012 and 2013, she co-chaired the Gala and has been an integral member of the Triumphant Faces Gala committee ever since. Perhaps more than anything, Lois wants the world to know about Excelsior and the difference we make in young people’s lives. Lois believes in our mission with her whole heart and loves to tell people about what we do.

When Lois isn’t talking about Excelsior or helping us plan our next big event, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and going out to eat at one of the many great restaurants Denver has to offer. Lois absolutely loves Colorado and says she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Well we are certainly grateful that Lois plans to stick around. Her energy, enthusiasm, passion and drive make for a powerful presence on the Foundation Board, furthering our efforts to change the lives of youth and families who need us.