Hailey’s Story – from suffering to success…not once, but twice.


*Name has been changed for confidentiality

Growing up, Hailey* always struggled with mental illness – suffering from depression, anxiety and debilitating panic attacks. Many of these issues were linked to hereditary factors as both of Hailey’s parents suffer from mental illness.

During Hailey’s adolescence, her struggles with mental illness became so severe that she was committed to a mental health center for almost a year, primarily due to suicidal thoughts and actions.  After she was released, Hailey was much more healthy and stable, and had learned to manage her mental illnesses with medication and various coping tools. Hailey returned to school and within a few weeks she was making new friends and getting back into her regular routine. Hailey’s transition back home and back to school was seamless and successful.

Heartbreakingly, her success soon turned tragic. She was traumatized by an adult in a position of trust. As if Hailey hadn’t already dealt with enough in her short life, this trauma started her back down a dangerous spiral of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.

Hailey’s parents acted quickly and found Excelsior. Hailey started in Excelsior’s Short Term Crisis Stabilization & Assessment program with the goal being to assess and stabilize her as quickly as possible so she could return to her parents and continue in-home therapy. Intensive therapy helped Hailey process through her recent trauma so she could re-learn how to manage her chronic anxiety and depression. After Hailey was stable, she stepped down to Excelsior’s Community-Based program where she was able to move back home and continue therapy there.

Currently Hailey is still receiving services with Excelsior’s Community-Based program. Although Hailey will always have to manage her mental illness, she refuses to let her trauma control her and knows that she is on the path toward happy and healthy.