Get to Know Sarah Collins – Excelsior Youth Foundation Board Member

Sarah Collins

Excelsior Youth Foundation Board

Sarah Collins has been serving on Excelsior’s Youth Foundation Board for almost two years, during which she has played a key role in the growth of our organization. Sarah’s strong marketing background and community connections have been invaluable in helping us raise awareness of our mission and develop the Foundation’s strategic plan.

Sarah first came to Colorado two years ago after her husband’s job moved them from their home in Australia. Sarah was unable to work due to visa issues, so she immediately immersed herself in volunteer work. A driven, energetic and philanthropic person by nature, Sarah was unwilling to sit idly while she waited for her work visa to clear. After speaking with a few young girls during a tour of Excelsior’s campus, her heart was touched and she knew that she had to get involved. Ever since, Sarah has been a huge supporter of Excelsior, serving on the Board and helping us plan our annual Triumphant Faces Gala. Additionally, Sarah has been working with Excelsior to cultivate a dance program which provides our youth with a creative outlet to express themselves.

This role is particularly fitting for Sarah as dance is one of her many passions. Back home in Australia, Sarah was a ballerina with the Australian Ballet! If you are lucky enough to meet Sarah, you will see how the grace and poise of Ballet has stuck with her, along with that charming Australian accent. Sarah says that she misses the ocean, but enjoys the snow and certainly loves living in the USA – especially Denver, Colorado!

If there was one thing Sarah would like people to know about Excelsior, it would be “the intense passion that the staff and volunteers of Excelsior demonstrate every single day”. Perhaps this is why Sarah is a perfect match for our board – her own passion could be described the same way. Sarah says she was “lucky enough to be invited to sit on the board and has loved every minute of it since”. While that may be the case, we feel like the lucky ones to have such a bright, compassionate and ambitious Board member helping us serve so many at-risk youth and families who need us!

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