Get to Know Jamie Angelich – Excelsior Youth Foundation Board Member

With Colorado Gives Day fast approaching, we are spotlighting one of our outstanding Board Members, Jamie Angelich, to recognize how she gives to the Colorado community, not only on Colorado Gives Day, but every day.

About Colorado Gives Day: Colorado Gives Day is a movement in which Coloradoans come together to make a difference in the community by giving online to their favorite nonprofits. Please join the movement by scheduling your donation today so Excelsior can continue changing the lives of youth and families who so desperately need us.

Jamie Angelich3Jamie Angelich

Community Leader and Volunteer
Excelsior Youth Foundation Board

Jamie Angelich has been supporting Excelsior and other nonprofits for over 20 years through Board service and volunteering. By nature, Jamie is a connector – she has a gift for bridging individuals, organizations and resources so that together, we can better our community.

When Jamie was first introduced to Excelsior, she was immediately drawn to our mission and our girls because her childhood was similar to that of Excelsior’s girls. In 2012, Excelsior honored Jamie as our Triumphant Woman at the Triumphant Faces Gala, to recognize and celebrate how she has overcome adversity to accomplish great things. Jamie’s story of strength, resilience and success inspired us all, but has been especially powerful for our girls. Jamie leads a Family Dynamics class with girls from Excelsior, which has given her the opportunity to get to know many of them on a personal level. Jamie comments that “all of the girls are amazing in my eyes”. Although their stories are all different, Jamie is struck by one commonality – those who find Excelsior grow to love and appreciate the program because they find safety, a newfound family, and know that they are becoming better, stronger people.

If Jamie were to tell you one thing about Excelsior, it would be that “Excelsior works!” Jamie has personally watched young girls come to Excelsior distraught, scared and totally helpless, then graduate the program as completely transformed and confident young ladies.

When she’s not out making a difference in the community, Jamie enjoys spending time golfing and traveling with her husband of 26 years, Al. Their son, Adam, is a graduate of the University of Southern California. Jamie has a beautiful family, a huge heart and the ability and ambition to change the world. We are so grateful to have Jamie Angelich on Excelsior’s Foundation Board, helping us change the lives of so many youth and families.

“I sincerely hope you will join me for Colorado Gives Day, an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado. Please consider giving during this CO Gives Day 12.8.2015Holiday Season to Excelsior Youth Center, where you can be a part of protecting and enhancing the lives of hundreds of young girls ages 11-18. We could never begin to do the work we do without your generosity.”

-Jamie Angelich

Click here to join Jamie in supporting Excelsior on Colorado Gives Day.