10 Tips to Ease the Transition Back to School for Teenagers

_CLB9555-smallAfter an entire summer of sleeping in and doing things on your own time, it can be a tough transition for teenagers to go back to school. Whether you’re an anxious new freshman or a seasoned senior, getting back into the school routine can be a struggle. Below are some tips for teenagers to ease the transition back to school.

First Day Prep

Although you may be putting off thinking about the first day of school until it actually arrives, it’s smart to plan ahead and get prepared the night before so it’s not a mad rush on the morning of your first day. By getting a few simple things prepared the night before, you’ll feel more confident and calm on your first day of classes.

  1. Have bags packed – Get all your school supplies and personal items ready to go, so you can just grab your bag on the way out the door. Don’t forget about lunch – whether it is money safely stored or a homemade lunch packed in the fridge.
  2. Pick out your “First Day Outfit” – As a teenager, this may seem silly or even childish, but we all know you want to look good on your first day. It’s smart to plan ahead so you’re not scrambling to put together that perfect outfit at the last minute.
  3. Print out class schedule – having an idea of your schedule beforehand will help ease some anxiety, and having easy reference to find out class times, room numbers, etc. can make your first day go by much more smoothly.
  4. Confirm mode of transportation – whether you’re driving yourself, getting a ride from a friend, taking the bus, or walking, make sure the “who, what, when, and how” are confirmed the night before!

First Day Nerves

The first day of anything can be nerve-racking, and school is no exception. Keeping a few things in mind when you’re feeling flustered can be helpful in easing the stress.

  1. Think of the positives – when the nerves creep in, it can be helpful to remember the reasons to be excited about the first day, like seeing old friends and decorating your locker.
  2. Remember that “first day” nerves are only temporary – think back to another “first day” you’ve had. More than likely, you settled in pretty quickly.

The Workload
When you go from the freedom of summer to the busy schedule of school, it’s not only classes that fill up your days. You’re also given homework and studying to do in the evenings. There’s a few things you can do to stay on top of things so you can still enjoy a balance of free time and school.

  1. Plan aheadMake a calendar to keep yourself organized. Include due dates, test dates and extracurricular activities. You can even schedule in blocks of homework/study time to keep your schedule organized.
  2. Stay ahead – Prioritize important assignments and break them into smaller parts if needed. Giving yourself frequent deadlines is helpful to stay ahead so you’re not cramming the night before something is due. And if you feel yourself falling behind, ask for help!
  3. Pay attention The more you focus in class, the easier studying will be! Actively listening and taking notes will make your life easier when it comes to assignments and tests.
  4. Designate an area in your home for studying/schoolwork – Having a specific spot to work on homework will improve your focus which leads to more efficient and effective studying. Bonus points if you designate a specific time to do schoolwork each day!