From Hopeless to Healing in 3 Weeks with Excelsior’s 21 Day Stabilization & Assessment Program

Excelsior’s 21 Day Stabilization & Assessment Program has been up and running for just over one month and we are inspired by what we’ve seen so far. We have already had 11 girls successfully complete the program and the changes we’ve observed in these girls are powerful. Anne Marie, a mother of one of the girls that completed the program, commented that the “support and level of intervention was very beneficial” for her every chance for successdaughter. She went on to say, “Overall, I have been very impressed with Excelsior and the staff. I have been particularly happy with the quality of therapists that have engaged with my daughter. Excelsior has given her every chance for success”. After completing the 21 Day program, Anne Marie’s daughter is continuing to receive Excelsior services through our Community Based program.

When a girl first enters our 21 Day Stabilization and Assessment program, she is given a complete psychological diagnostic assessment to evaluate her individual treatment needs. With this information, a multi-disciplinary treatment plan is designed including individual, family and group therapy, as well as specialized counseling groups, recreational groups, behavior coaching, psychopharmacological management and systems coordination.

In addition to addressing each child’s mental health needs, Excelsior assesses and individually addresses each child’s academic needs. Excelsior’s girls in the 21 Day program EYC_BeingTaughtattend school in our STEP class (Short Term Educational Program) where they are able to participate in classwork that is complimentary to what they were doing before Excelsior. This individualized curriculum enables them to pick up where they left off so they can earn required credits and not fall behind. In addition to the academic subjects they learn, the girls participate in daily life skills classes and recreational activities as well.

Excelsior’s Day Unit Manager, Angela Chambers, who has been overseeing the educational piece of this program, comments that the most powerful change she’s observed in our 21 Day girls is their ability to open up. Angela says, “most of these girls come to us quiet, meek and shy, but after three weeks of social interaction with staff and their peers, they really begin to come out of their shells”.

Why is there a need for this Short Term Program?

Being a teenager, and raising a teenager, can be difficult. All families are bound to experience certain struggles during this time in their child’s life. Some families, however, experience very serious and even dangerous, challenges during this time. When this happens, extra support and professional help are often necessary in order to keep the family safe and stable. Short, intensive treatment programs can effectively initiate the healing process for children and their families. Often, these families just need a brief reprieve where their child can be assessed and stabilized before returning home. Accordingly, Excelsior has created a new intensive short-term care program so children can get the help they need and return to their families as quickly as possible.

What is the 21 Day Stabilization and Assessment Program?

Excelsior’s new 21 Day Stabilization and Excelsior Bubble GraphicAssessment program is designed to support youth and their families experiencing immediate distress by offering a safe and structured setting for stabilization, assessment and intervention services. This program provides a safe, highly supervised and supportive environment that facilitates intensive and individualized therapeutic services while minimizing the need for long-term out-of-home placement. Led by a multidisciplinary treatment team including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and educators, this three week program provides all the resources and supports needed to get a child and her family back on track.