Celebrating Excelsior’s Nurses during National Nurses Week!

Here at Excelsior, we are so grateful to have such a dedicated and compassionate group of nurses serving our girls. These women are so much more than nurses – they often fill the role of counselor, friend or even mom at times. Considering many of our girls live at Excelsior for a period of time, our nurses learn so much more about the girls than their medical history. They learn their likes/dislikes, personalities and quirks, then they use this knowledge to provide the most effective and comfortable care available. Many of our girls come to Excelsior feeling alone, afraid and incredibly distrusting. Seeing a familiar, comforting face every time they walk into the Nurse’s Office helps them overcome these fears and they begin learning to trust again.

We have three registered nurses on staff plus one medical assistant who is pretty much a member of the Excelsior nurse family. Together, these four women have over 61 years of medical experience. It’s clear that these women have found their passion in medicine and we are so grateful they’ve chosen Excelsior as the beneficiary of their expertise and compassionate care.

Altogether, our medical department consists of ten individuals who work long, hard hours to serve our girls. Excelsior has a full medical team on duty from 7:00am – 6:00pm every day as well as a nurse on-call 24/7. Unlike school nurses or specialized nurses, Excelsior nurses provide comprehensive services encompassing many different aspects of healthcare, including pediatrics, endocrinology, gynecology, and physiology (just to name a few). Not only do our nurses provide case management for all of our girls, but they handle all the medication management as well as intake and discharge assessments andNurses2 first aid. With over 200 girls receiving services from Excelsior, it’s hard to imagine how ten people handle it all. But they do – and they do it well!

Thank you, Tamara, Latonia, Christie and Wanda for everything you do! And thank you to the rest of the medical department for your dedication and determination in providing the best healthcare for our girls. We appreciate you more than you know.