Excelsior’s Post Adoption Assistance Program

Adoption can be challenging. We’re here to help.

Excelsior Youth Center’s family-centered program specializes in adoption-related family health issues through its Post Adoption Assistance Program.

girl-on-swing-for-webBuilding and maintaining a strong family through adoption can be as challenging as it is rewarding. As adoptive parents know, there are a number of issues that can arise in addition to the normal challenges for successful parenting. At Excelsior, we offer innovative programming designed to aid children and families alike as the work together to build and restore healthy relationships.

EYC’s Post Adoption Assistance Program (PAAP) is a residential treatment program that relies on trusted methods to support all family members throughout the adoption process. Our goal is to work with you to build a better base for secure family attachments through positive interactions.

The program includes:

  • Trauma-informed care that addresses acute emotional challenges
  • Responsive, care-giving staff who understand the unique vulnerabilities of adoptive families
  • Cognitive and social learning skill development
  • Assessment and treatment for function and sensory processing challenges
  • Sensory Integration therapies targeted at sensations affecting socialization and emotion
  • Focus on child-parent relationship development and attachment strengthening
  • Family interaction through facilitated visitation, daily updates, and telecommunication

Where do I begin?

Excelsior can provide step-by-step assistance through the process of getting help for your child. Here are a few preliminary steps:                           

  1. Consult with a therapist. If your therapist agrees regarding your child’s need for out-of-home care to address challenges, get this in writing.
  2. Contact your local AAP funding organization through your local Dept. of Human Services.
  3. Tell them you are looking at out of home placement with specialization in working with youth experiencing social/emotional problems.
  4. Contact our team.

Needing more assistance or have questions?

Please contact Marty Zaffaroni, Director of Business Development 303-693-1550 ext. 239 / martyz@excelsioryc.org or Christy Pennington, Admissions Manager, at 303-693-1550 ext. 228 / Email: christyp@excelsioryc.org.

Excelsior’s treatment program is AAP approved for not for profit placement. While at Excelsior, the youth attend the on-grounds NPS accredited Junior and Senior High School. A previous IEP is not necessary, as an IEP can be conducted on site or in partnership can work with current school district. Accommodations can be made as needed.