Excelsior Expands its Community-Based Services

Providing intensive therapy and treatment services for troubled youth after a serious event, like incarceration or hospitalization, can effectively turn their lives around. But what if we could reach young people before the crisis happens? Early intervention is often possible and can prevent these kids before something serious occurs. At Excelsior Youth Center, we offer a range of community-based programs that intervene early, preserve the family unit, and prevent out-of-home placement. These programs serve the unmet, urgent needs of metro Denver girls and their families by provide an alternative to costly hospitalization, incarceration or out-of-home placement services.

Excelsior has been providing Community-Based Services throughout the Denver Metro area for years. Recent increases in need, however, have provided the opportunity for us to expand our community-based programs to serve other areas including El Paso county. In the near future, our team will expand our programs even further to ensure that early support systems are in place wherever possible.

Community-Based Services (CBS)

CBS webThe purpose of Excelsior’s CBS program is to provide a highly structured program that includes various types of psycho-, social-, and behavioral-treatment options for girls residing in the community. Working with the treatment team at Excelsior, clients are able to utilize a continuum of services to effectively address their mental, social and emotional health needs while living at home. Services include 24/7 crisis intervention, in-home individual and family therapy, behavior coaching, and community resource development which are individualized to meet each family’s needs.

This program is not a “one-size-fits-all” model. Each client referred to the program is individually evaluated and assessed by a multidisciplinary team to determine the best course of treatment. Through regular contact with the client and family, treatment is adjusted as needed to promote stabilization and increase overall behavioral health and functioning. Excelsior’s CBS program works to enhance safety, improve relationships within the family, and create sustainable community supports and resources.

Benefits of Community-Based Services

The diversity, flexibility, and individualization of CBS provide many benefits for adolescent girls, their families and the community.African American Family with mom

  • Keeping Girls at Home

First and foremost, CBS can act as a preventative measure for girls that are high-risk for out-of home placement. Providing treatment services for these girls before the situation becomes severe can prevent incarceration, hospitalization or the need for out-of-home services. Allowing the girls to remain in their homes while receiving therapeutic services can lead to the development of healthier home and family environments, which can improve treatment effectiveness.

  • Cost Effective

Offering CBS can save Colorado taxpayers millions of Medicaid dollars annually by providing alternatives to hospitalization or incarceration that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per day. Likewise, CBS is less expensive than longer-term, residential care options. Also these programs often have spillover effects on the family and community, benefiting more than just the individual girl being treated.

  • Seamless Transitions between Levels of Care

In addition to the preventative power of CBS, it can also help youth transition seamlessly out of residential care by providing an assisted on-ramp back into the community. CBS allows girls who begin in a residential program or other out-of-home placement to gradually transition to a less restrictive setting while still receiving necessary therapeutic support. Further, CBS has helped reduce lengths of stay in residential care because girls can step-down to home-based services without giving up important therapy and treatment activities.

  • Therapeutic Groups and Activities for Youth in the Community

girl-and-dogExcelsior’s CBS also provides unique opportunities to youth in the community by offering groups and activities on and off campus. This includes participation in Dance Groups, Animal-Assisted Therapy and other specialized therapy groups that are specific to individual issues. Specialized groups and activities like these enhance at-home treatment services for youth in the community.

One Excelsior alumni expresses the importance of CBS for her transition:

“Yes, children in inpatient programs need help and guidance, but many times once they leave they are left out in the dark. I think that it is so tremendously important to walk them through their leave and make sure that they keep their success once they are released. Or what is the point of even getting them to that success?”

Community-Based Services of EYC

24/7 Crisis Intervention: Designed to respond to a situation or episode, that if left unaddressed, may lead to an escalated or dangerous situation, police contact or hospitalization. May include counseling and coaching, instruction and safety planning that will help stabilize the family. Crisis intervention is followed-up with in-home therapy and behavior coaching.

Family & Individual Therapy: Facilitated by licensed clinicians, duration and frequency varies due to highly individualized programming. Therapists use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavior therapy, and strength-based approaches.

therapist-and-girl.editedBehavior Coaching: Mentoring and coaching services to help the adolescent and her family build positive emotional, social and behavioral skills so they may make better choices and live healthier lives. Behavior coaches are trained to identify and address problems before they get out of control.

If you would like more information on any of these services, contact Marty Zaffaroni at martyz@excelsioryc.org or 303-693-1550 ext. 239