Former Excelsior Client Making a Difference

KendraBTGstoryWEBWe recently heard from one of our former clients, Kendra, who was spotlighted in an United Way article on former foster youth making a difference.  Kendra shared with us how Excelsior made a difference in her life.

“I would say that I gained a lot from Excelsior, I gained my relationship with my father back, it was rocky but with family therapy and having a “ring-leader” there helped me to be able to express my feelings without feeling bad about it. I was able to get out a lot out of individual therapy as well, I was able to learn better coping skills and I learned how to type extremely fast which helps me in my line of work.

Excelsior helped me change by pulling out the positive in me and keeping my head above water when things got tough for me in the treatment of not only myself but also my family. I was changed by talking trash to summer teacher about her hair being short ( because I thought I was better, I had long hair) and she explained to me that she has a condition that her hair cannot grow longer. It was then that I knew I couldn’t judge a book by its cover. My family therapist Becky helped me a lot because once she became my therapist she kept it real with me and didn’t allow me to fool her or beat around the bush when I needed to express something to my father. The living life with so many young ladies was hard for me and I often got into fights and arguments but now I know how to be effective by being selective.

I now have an internship at Mile High United Way and often take trips to visit with law makers to change the law concerning the foster youth! I cannot wait until I am old enough to apply or volunteer at E.Y.C!!!

Thank you for this opportunity to share my success! I am a successful youth growing into an independent adult.”

Congratulations Kendra!  We are very proud of your success.