Excelsior Opens New Short-Term Residential Treatment Unit

evergreenExcelsior Youth Center is excited to announce the grand opening of our new short-term treatment unit, Evergreen. The significance of the name Evergreen, according to Random House Dictionary, suggests an idea of “having green leaves throughout the entire year, the leaves of the past season not being shed until after the new foliage has been completely formed,” encompasses the idea that the girls who enter this unit are preparing themselves to leave the hurt and pain from their past fully behind them while learning how to take control of their life and gain new tools to use when they enter a new season. Evergreen opened on April 3, 2014. This is 10-months after Excelsior’s first short-term unit, Phoenix, opened on June 24, 2013. With the opening of this new unit comes exciting new changes, increased funding, and an amazing opportunity for growth in our clients.

This component of Excelsior’s continuum of treatment services expands our short-term intensive treatment programming focused on solving the immediate problems of our clients and transitioning to in-home services to support long term success. Many youth with serious emotional disturbances may only need to spend a short time in a treatment facility when aftercare services are provided. Excelsior clients stay in a short-term residential setting for anywhere from 1 – 90 days and then transition to community-based therapy with family involvement at home. Once a client has discharged from Evergreen Cottage, the therapeutic services continue through family visits and behavioral coaching by Excelsior staff.

“We are filling an important need in the community. It is important to be able to help a girl through a crisis, get her stabilized and on the right path and then after discharge be able to continue to work with her and her family to ensure ongoing success,” said Jim Uhernik, Director of Development at Excelsior. “We are helping to build a good foundation for the girls and their families for on-going triumphs and successes.”

At Excelsior, we are excited to be able to expand the scope of services we provide to help our girls lead healthy, successful lives.